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Epigenetic Aging and Stress Test in Upper East Side NY

The Epigenetic Aging & Stress Test is a 7-minute painless test that gives us 12 different biomarkers of how you’re handling the stress in your life (and for some people, how stress is handling them!)

You see, we are ALL subjected to constant chronic low levels of physical, chemical, and emotional stress, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. So many doctors either focus on the physical, or the chemical, or the emotional, but at Upper East Side Chiropractic & Wellness we get the results that we get because we focus on ALL 3!

Testing Summary

This test will tell us:

  • Are you burning fat or storing fat?
  • Your chronological age (true number) vs. Biological age (based on lifestyle choices)
  • Is your 600+ hormonal system in balance or not?
  • Your energy index, and your body’s ability to adapt to stress.
  • Is your metabolism working or not?


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